Meet Nashty

Hello, everyone! I'm Cassy, the creator of Nashty Bride. Back in 2020, I launched this idea with the aim of curating bachelorette party ideas tailored for Nashville. But soon, I had the realization that bachelorette parties aren't just about the festivities or matching outfits; they're about celebrating the love shared between the bride and their special someone. Call it cheesy, but it's the truth. So, I decided to take a detour towards something more heartfelt - one-of-a-kind love song playlists celebrating the soulful tunes of Music City's local independent musicians.

Having spent over 8 years deeply rooted in the wedding industry as a freelance hair and makeup artist, I've absorbed all the love, joy, and the occasional shit show that weddings entail. One thing I've discovered is the challenge most brides face in discovering wedding playlists that break away from the mainstream and the overplayed.

My goal with Nashty Bride is to infuse every wedding with a touch of local talent, charm, and positivity. From unconventional originals, timeless covers of classics, and everything in between, it'll double as a cherished keepsake from each romantic Nashville getaway.

Come hang out in our community for some genuine, heartwarming, and offbeat inspiration. If you're a musician with a love story to share, please tag @nashtybride & #dailylovesongs or click here to submit. Thanks for sharing your talents. Can't wait to hear what you've got!


I'm Cassy Laessig, an on-location beauty and special effects hair and makeup artist, passionate about the art of elevating the natural canvas. With an extensive background spanning over 8 years in the industry, I've had the privilege of collaborating with diverse clientele, contributing to fashion shows, movies, music videos, commercial shoots, red carpet events, weddings, and more.