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We're deeply passionate about celebrating Nashville's indie music scene by curating one-of-a-kind wedding playlists, blending unconventional originals, timeless covers of classics, and everything in between. Each track adds a touch of Music City charm to every special moment—whether it's kicking off the bridal party, setting a romantic mood, or keeping the energy high all night long.

Our aim is to spread love through local talent, creating dream wedding playlists for Nashty Brides, doubling as cherished souvenirs from their intimate Nashville getaway.

If you're a musician with a heartfelt love story, we'd love to hear it! Please tag @nashtybride #dailylovesongs on socials and hit the button below. Thanks for sharing your art!



You have options! You can submit your music through the form on our website for a streamlined process.

Alternatively, you can showcase your talent by tagging @nashtybride on social media and using the hashtag #dailylovesongs.

You can also join our Facebook group and drop your links.

We're excited to hear your music through whichever method works best for you!

We're here to shake things up! Whether they're unconventional originals or timeless classics from the 1960s, soulful vocals or instrumentals, if you believe they could infuse good energy into any aspect of a wedding celebration, we're all ears.

There's no limit on creativity here! Feel free to submit as many love songs as your heart desires.

We're all about keeping it easy. Just drop us your Spotify links and give us the nod to spread your song far and wide. We'll find your audio on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and add it to a personalized short form video.

Our team strives to review submissions promptly, typically providing feedback within 7-14 days of receiving your music. We appreciate your patience as we carefully consider each submission.

Artists retain all rights to their submitted music. We respect the creative ownership of our contributors and will only use your music in accordance with the permissions granted upon submission.

We prioritize respecting artists' rights and only share or distribute submitted music with explicit permission. Your creative work remains protected, and we ensure that any usage aligns with the permissions you grant upon submission.

Accepted music submissions have the opportunity to be promoted across various platforms and channels, reaching a diverse audience base. We strive to showcase your work through our network, including but not limited to online streaming platforms, social media, and promotional campaigns.

While our main focus is promoting independent artists, we're also open to submissions from labels or agencies representing indie talent. Our goal remains to uplift and support emerging artists, regardless of their representation. We're all about celebrating the creativity and authenticity of indie musicians!

We're particularly interested in promoting Nashville artists or those who frequently perform in Nashville. While we welcome submissions from artists outside this region, showcasing local talent aligns with our mission to celebrate and support the vibrant music scene of Nashville. If you're a Nashville-based artist or have a strong presence in the city's music community, we'd love to hear from you!

Our submission process is ongoing, allowing artists to submit their music at any time for consideration. There's no deadline, so feel free to send in your tracks whenever you're ready. We're excited to discover new talent and look forward to reviewing your submissions!

We're super excited about the idea of live events, especially gigs at weddings and elopements. If you're keen on showing off your skills in these intimate settings, just give us a heads up when you submit your music. Can't wait to hear from you!

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