Scratch Your Travels® USA State Flowers Map

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Scratch off color:
Scratch Your Travels® with the Official US State Flowers Map! It was an absolutely joy working on this map - it was so neat to see which flowers each state chose to represent itself. You can also see commonalities between neighboring states, and those that share similar climates. The southwestern states chose native drought-resilient flora, for example. Enjoy!

Each flower is hand-drawn and for the majority of the states, the name of each flower is written on the artwork. As you scratch off each state, you'll know what the flower's name is! Each map will come rolled in its own tube along with an instruction sheet and scratching tool that's very comfortable to use!

  • Scratch off Color: Gold
  • Dimensions: 8x10 or 18x12 in

- Includes a scratching tool specifically designed for removing foil off our maps.

- Packaged in its own giftable tube with matching art, and instruction sheet inside.