Showcase Your Talents: Submit Your Work to Become Our Artist of the Month

· By Nashty Bride

Showcase Your Talents: Submit Your Work to Become Our Artist of the Month

Hey Nashville's Wedding Artists! 🎨✨ Your time to shine is here – be our Artist of the Month! Whether you paint, play music, or create magic, show off your masterpiece. Our blog is a lively canvas for celebrating love and creativity in Nashville weddings. Embrace the unconventional! Share your story, process, and stunning visuals to spark couples' inspiration. Being our Artist of the Month isn't just a spotlight – it's your pass to a wider audience and dream collaborations. Ready to infuse love stories with your unique touch? Submit now and let's craft unforgettable tales together! πŸ’–πŸ‘©β€πŸŽ¨


We welcome submissions from all artists in the Nashville wedding industry, including musicians, photographers, hair and makeup artists, and other professionals in the wedding industry. Whether you're an established vendor or just starting, we encourage you to showcase your talents.

We're not just looking for your art; we want the whole shebang! Show us the good stuff – dazzling images, killer videos, and any other media that screams, 'I'm a creative genius!' Spice it up with a mix of your absolute best projects. Let's turn this into a playful art party – the more love vibes, the merrier! 🎨✨

We're throwing a style party, and everyone's invited! From classic to avant-garde, show us your groove. But here's the scoop – we've got a soft spot for vintage flair and anything that whispers 'Old Nashville' charm. Let's sprinkle some playful vibes on your submissions, and let the celebration begin! πŸŽ‰βœ¨

Bring out the stars of your show – your absolute best and quirkiest creations. Spill the beans on your story, what fuels your creative fire, and why you're the unicorn of wedding vendors. Think behind-the-scenes movie magic – let's make your art journey as captivating as a rom-com plot twist for our Nashville brides.

Being featured provides exposure to a wider audience, potential clients, and opportunities for collaborations within the Nashville wedding industry. It's a chance to connect with engaged couples actively seeking local vendors for their weddings.

Excited to see your magic! Share your best stuff: pics, vids, all the fun! Tell us your story – what makes you the Nashville wedding wizard? What's your secret sauce? Spill it! Oh, and don't forget the deets: contact info, creds, and send it all to with 'Vendor Submission: [Your Biz Name]' as the magic words. Ready, set, go! 🌟✨

No rush, but early birds get the spotlight! 🌟 No deadlines here – we're in a perpetual party mode, accepting your awesomeness whenever. But hey, if you want that front-row feature, why not steal the show early? Time to shine, rockstars! πŸš€βœ¨

Y'all, we're keeping it local! 🀠 Calling all Greater Nashville magic-makers, this stage is yours. If you've got questions, curiosities, or just want to share some sweet vibes, hit us up at Ready to rock the Nashville scene? Can't wait to see your submissions – let's turn up the talent celebration! πŸŽ‰βœ¨